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Temporary Chain Link Fence-America

Material: Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and wire
Consist: chain link panel, round tube frame,
steel base feet and clamps

 Light and easy to handl

Application: Construction Sites, commercial place etc


American Standard Temporary Chain Link fence panel is also known as temporary fencing, temporary fence panels, portable fence, construction temporary fence etc.

It is consist of chain link panel, round tube frame, steel base feet and clamps.

Manufacturing process: 
1. Pre hot dip galvanized wire ---wire weave
2. Cut pipes – welded the pipes into frame—polish the welds—paint anti-rust- spray sliver powder coat on each weld
3. Tighten chain link fence panel and frame tube together

Temporary Panels are easily secured into place, providing a secure barrier to restricted areas. It can be used at Construction Sites, commercial place, private property etc common places.

 Light and easy to handle
 Economical temp fence - can be used time after time
 Delivered accompanied by fork lift for easy distribution

American standard specification

Raw materialHot dipped galvanized steel pipe and wire
Height6ft, 8ft
Frame Tube33.4mm O.D &42mm O.D
Wire diameter2.7mm
Chain link Opening size57mm*57mm
Base feet610mm*590mm, 762mm*460mm
Base feet surface treatmentPowder coated or hot-dip galvanized
Brace typeCross brace or vertical brace
Matching sun shade cloth/net also can be supplied as you need.

Different specifications are available according to customers' special inquiry or detailed drawings.