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Sheep Yard Products

Sheep Panel
By Xiangming

Material: hot dipped galvanized pipes. Process: galvanizing pipe cutting, welding, welding..

Sheep Gate
By Xiangming

Sheep gate in frame, Matched to sheep panels. Material: Pre hot dipped galvanized.

Sheep Post
By Xiangming

Sheep Post: 1.6m high, 50x50x3mm,capped, With zinc coating 100g+/m2

Sheep Loading Ramp
By Xiangming

The adjustable ramp comes flat packed for easier freighting. Assembly its with nuts and bo..

Sheep 3 Way Draft Gate
By Xiangming

V race / 3 way drafting gates includes 2 sheeted panels,1.1m high, 2m long, the sheeted pa..

Man Gate
By Xiangming

Man gate panels give workers easy access in and out of temporary yards while working witho..