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Cattle Panel

Material: Pre hot dipped galvanized pipes
3 options: Round pipe, square tube and oval pipes
Features: Tough and strong, quickly and easily be installed
Markets: Australia, European countries, Canada, America


Cattle panels are ideal way to get cattle yards built fast. These panels are also portable and suitable to set up holding yards of any size. They come in four different configurations to suit your requirements. Tough and strong, they withstand a range of stock pressure and come ready to use with 16mm pins included.

It is super simple and quick to put together. All options have two sets of double lugs and two single lugs welded to the panel for inserting cattle pins to hold them together. It takes a mere seconds to drop the cattle pins into the lugs on every panel and they are ready to position and use. Cattle fence panels give you the flexibility to build semi-permanent yards of any size suitable for working cattle and loading for transport.

Cattle yard panels

Cattle panels come in 3 options, and each design offers a certain level of protection from stock bruising. round pipe, square tube and oval pipes are available.
Made from elongated galvanised oval pipe they form large, easy to see cross rails.
the cross rails are galvanised steel tube and tough enough to last a lifetime.
Short cattle panels are ideal when building curves into a race to work stock when away from the main yards. These are exactly the same as the cattle panels, except short cattle panels are 1.8 m wide. They come in different configurations to suit your requirements and budget.

Pre hot dipped galvanized pipes
1.8m high x 2.1m wide
Round pipes: 42mmO.D or 32mmO.D pipes
Square tubes: 40x40mmRHS or 50x50mmRHS
Oval rails:30x60mm,40x80mm or 115x42mm
With welded caps,lugs and flat feet
Pins also supplied