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Race Bow


Pre hot dipped galvanized pipe

Size: 2.25m high,0.85m wide
Features: Corrosion resistant, age resistant
Application: Cattle Yard Products


Race spreaders are suitable for use combined with sliding gates, cattle panels, crushes and ramps to add further flexibility to a portable yard system. It is a simple sturdy frame that has two sets of double lugs on both sides, and multiple tie down points to pin it down for extra stability and strength. Race bows come in two options: 50 x 50 mm ID, 2mm thick pre galvanised steel and 60 OD CHS, 2.3 mm thick heavy galvanised steel.

Pre hot dipped galvanized pipes
2.25m high,0.85m wide
Frame tube 50x50mmx2mm
Or 60mmO.Dx2mm
With all accessories