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Swimming Pool Panel

Market: Australia, Canada, America etc
Process: Pipe welded, and weld spot zinc powder sprayed
Features: Easy to installand dismantle
Application: Swimming Pool Safety 


Swimming pools also known as swimming pool fencing, pool fence, pool fencing, swimming pool fence, removable fence etc.

Our temporary pool fence is specifically designed to prevent children from accessing a pool or spa when filled with water. It complies with Australian Standard A.S. 1926.1-2007 – Swimming Pool Safety – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

Customers prefer Xiangming’s temporary fences, as they are easy to installand dismantle, whilst being very strong and secure.

Recommended specifications: 
Size: 1250x1980mm, 1300x2311mm, 1100x2230mm, 1100x2100mm, 1100x2000mm
Frame pipe: Ø38x2mm, Ø38x1.8mm, Ø38x1.5mm, Ø32x2mm, Ø32x1.8mm, Ø32x1.5mm, Ø25x2mm, Ø25x1.8mm, Ø25x1.5mm, 25x25mm
Inside pipe: Ø25x1mm, Ø20x1mm, Ø16x1mm, Ø12x1mm

Finished treatment: 
(1). Pre HD Gal. Pipe welded, and weld spot zinc powder sprayed. 
(2). HD Gal. After welded.  

Different specifications are available according to customers' special inquiry or detailed drawings.

Main markets: Australia, Canada, America, European countries and Asia countries.