Plastic Temporary Fence Feet

Plastic temporary fence feet are called temporary fence block, fence block, fence base and fence holder.

1. Made of plastic which is made from polypropylene.
2. Anti-aging and UV5 added especially for outdoor use, more durable, can last up to 2 years longer 
3. Full range of colors available, now we have red, yellow, orange, blue for your choice which is far more visually appealing and professional looking, also you can choose your own color 
4. Personalized name plates displaying your company name, phone number, website etc can be supplied.
5. Hole sizes available: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm and 48mm

Style 1
Injection moulded temporary fence feet
Size: 560 x 245 x 130mm
Weight: 33kg

Style 2
Blow moulded temporary fence feet
Size: 600 x 220 x 150mm
Weight: 29kg

Style 3
Blow moulded temporary fence feet (combined type)
Size: 600 x 220 x 100mm
Weight: 15kg